nine million bicycles
there are bad things. with me there always are :)
it always makes me sad how people give me so much, how you give me more, and i don't even blink. i don't give back. i take more. Как кощей.
and i don't thank because i don't know how. it's a lot like giving an apology - i don't really know how to explain and i don't want to give excuses, because i hate excuses.
but it makes me so sad. so happy and so sad, because i don't give anything back.
i'm trying to always be there for all of you
and i'm trying my best to be my truest self to you, because you don't deserve less.
and i hate you for being so nice, because i'm not that nice and i feel like i don't deserve any of you.
and you, especially.

2012-04-22 в 07:17 

but no one knows how far it goes
Oh Fuji. You give so much to all of people I know. And to me, too. Stop it :heart:

2012-04-22 в 07:48 

вся такая в садах и в натуре вежливая ©
You give so much to all of people I know.

2012-04-22 в 23:46 

well, you don't know, but it's kind of a competition for me: who's the better friend, and the point is not to win, but not to lose (because being a good fair friend is a prize itself)
and it may look like i give something to someone, but all i try is to make it even.

2012-04-22 в 23:49 

nine million bicycles
it's in small things like i never talk to people first, i only talk back энд со он со он со он.
но это неважно.